OMWeek Search Marketing Day –Lee Odden to Deliver Keynote

@leeodden #OMweekIn a few days TopRank CEO Lee Odden will be traveling the 4,313 miles from Minneapolis to Madrid to deliver a keynote on OMweek Search Marketing Day. His speech, titled The Future of SEO in a Social Content World, will address the changing world of digital marketing and the 5 ways an integrated approach to optimization with content and social media can catapult your business into a successful 2014.

I’m sure you can imagine how big of a role search and social play in discovering new things. What Lee will really be searching for on his trip to Madrid is the city’s best porras. The traditional pastry is like a churros with a few key differences. A porras has thicker dough that is fried to a golden crisp and is traditionally served with a thick, rich hot chocolate. Our sweet tooths are tingling!

How will Lee find the best? Using search and social of course. In theory, as he asks his thousands of social media follows what their recommendations are, and enters search queries into several search engines, the best and most popular places will appear first—and over and over again, until he can’t help but try a few.

As he plans his trip and begins to explore the city, searches and social messages will play a strong role in his experiences, epitomizing the concepts of his speech: that optimizing your content so that it shows up in the places people look for and rely on for guidance, isn’t dead and has in fact become more essential.

His keynote will undoubtedly focus on real-world examples (and maybe even a few personal ones) to demonstrate how businesses can successfully integrate their efforts, and provide tips on how they can remain relevant and resonate with audiences as we transition into the new year.

Other speakers at the event include:
• Dixon Jones, Marketing Director at Majestic SEO
• Aleyda Solis of International SEO SEER Interactive & SEOmoz Associate
• Pepe Moder, Global Digital Marketing Director at Pirellie
• and dozens more!

If you’re in Madrid, or close by, register for the event to check out this great lineup of speakers. Here are some of the conference details:

Mapfre Convention Center
Avenida General Perón, 40
28020 Madrid

If, like most of us, you’re too far away, no worries—Lee has you covered. Follow along on Twitter using @leeodden and the hashtag #OMweek for coverage of the event and Lee’s porras hunt!

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