The Future of Online Marketing in 60 Seconds or Less

In the world of online marketing, search and social media are evolving at an incredible pace.


  • Twitter queries approaching 20 billion each month
  • Google queries approaching nearly 90 billion each month
  • Facebook topped over 200 million users this year and beats Google in weekly web traffic*

With online marketing evolving by the minute, it stands to reason that the most valuable insight will be that which can be shared in under one minute.

On Tuesday, November 16th, TopRank® Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden, along with sixty leading marketers, will be lending exactly one minute of time to the virtual Future of Marketing Conference.  During this online event, Odden and his colleagues will have sixty seconds each to share sixty tips every marketer needs to succeed in 2011.

With his time, Odden will comment on the importance of creating campaigns that exist at the intersection of search and social media.

“Social media is hot but is by no means mutually exclusive of search,” states Odden.  “Search has expanded beyond Google and marketers must now consider other channels, such as internal Facebook search, as channels where customers are looking.”

Ultimately, the future landscape of marketing – as revealed by Odden – will be one that is shaped and changed by the dynamics of changing consumer preferences for information discovery, consumption and sharing.

“The blur of all this change is an opportunity for brands and marketers to engage an active marketing strategy that converges the disciplines of search, social media, content and online public relations,” concludes Odden.  “The future of marketing is dynamic, challenging and full of promise for companies that are brave enough to see it.”

Register for The Future of Marketing, a free virtual conference, by following the link below.

All attendees will receive access to the MP3 recording and transcription, post-event.

Event Information:
The Future of Marketing
Online Conference
November 16th, 2010, 2pm EST
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