Online Marketing News You Can Use April 27, 2011

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News curation: finally, social media’s killer app? Facebookers share 30-billion plus pieces of information each month, and Twitter users output 1 billion tweets weekly – an overwhelming amount of information. Curation tools are changing all that. Via Fortune Tech.

The Curation Economy And The Three Cs Of Information Commerce. More wisdom from Brian Solis, this time in the form or his forward to a new book by Steve Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation. Via Fast Company.

B2B: Focus on Your Customer’s Customer. Companies like, Philips, and Oracle are focusing on enterprise-wide efforts to improve their marketing, sales, and support interactions. Often the best way for B2B companies to satisfy the multitude of business customers is to focus on the needs of their customers’ customers and this post explores the initiatives of Portuguese airport operator ANA Aeroportos de Portugal.
Via Harvard Business Review.

Know Your Customer’s Customers (Better Than They Do). A story about how Symrise, a global leader in flavors and fragrances, uses a proprietary consumer panel to grow their business with current customers. Via Fast Company.

Buy Cycle Link Building: A Content Marketing Guide for Link Strategists by Garrett French. Excellent article on how content marketers and link builders can play nicely together by tailoring content according to the target customer’s stage in the buying cycle. ┬áVia Search Engine Watch.


Small Businesses Focus Social Efforts on Top Sites. American Express OPEN found that more small businesses were turning to social media for customer acquisition. By spring 2011, 44% were using social media to help their businesses, up from 39% in September 2010. As shown in the graph above, small businesses are focusing on the top social networking sites. Via eMarketer.

Google Realtime Search Quietly Adds Quora, Gowalla, Others – Google is slowly incorporating more social signals into the search experience. Via TechCrunch.