Online Marketing News You Can Use April 29, 2011

Amazing video showing data visualization. The same technology is what makes Google Analytics Motion Charts work.

Your Guide To The Royal Wedding 2011, Social Media Style. The last time Britain had a big Royal Wedding, one didn’t tweet about it, Facebook about it, Flickr about it and certainly didn’t air it on YouTube. One couldn’t. These things didn’t exist. But the 21st century British Monarchy is hip to the social media channels of today. Here’s how people tuned in to the Royal Wedding today, via social media. Via Search Engine Land.

LinkedIn Leads More Likely to Convert on B-to-B Sites, Study Finds. LinkedIn is becoming a bigger and better source for website traffic and conversions on B-to-B websites, according to a new study conducted by LeadFormix titled “How Effective is Social Media for B2B Lead Generation?” The findings were compiled from LinkedIn visitor data taken from 289 of LeadFormix’s clients’ websites over a period of 90 days. Via eMarketing and Commerce.

The original social network is dead. Friendster, the site that started social networking folds – due to lack of popularity. Not much more to say. May you rest in peace. Via The Independent.

14 Best Practices for Long-Term Social Media Success. Many companies are shooting from the hip with their approach to social media. Here are 14 tips from social media pundit Brian Solis on creating channels that meaningfully extend the focus of your business and that enhance relevant brand message without diluting it. Via Mashable.

Social Business Reality Check: Move Beyond the Hype. The real reason most businesses struggle with social media is that they underestimate the complexity and depth of the social Web, and fail to fully comprehend the potential of social tools before they dive in. Read this article for a practical approach to social media for business. Via PC World.

Worldwide Mobile Phone Market Grew 20% In Q1 2011, Fueled By Smartphone Boom. According to research firm IDC, the global mobile phone market ballooned in the first quarter of this year, growing 19.8 percent year-over-year, mostly due to the meteoric rise of smartphone shipments. Via TechCrunch.

Six problems with social search. Google uses third-party social signals, and its own +1 initiative, to get a sense of what people like. However, social signals are only democratic. They’re don’t reflect quality, just popularity. And while they may be harder for webmasters to game, they still involve factors that could bias or distort search results. Here are six of them. Via Econsultancy.