Online Marketing Resolutions for 2012

Marketing Resolutions for 2012Even with the best intentions, we may not always follow through on our marketing goals for the year. If you are looking to connect with your customers, implement a social strategy that sticks, or create a blog, there are some some practical steps you can take to reach your marketing goals.   In this post you will find tips and tactics for getting started, as well as helpful advice for sticking with them.

I want to really connect with my customers.
The first step in connecting with your customers involves knowing who they are.  Run a survey of your existing customers to help develop personas based upon their answers.  From there you will have a better sense of what type of communication they prefer, how they interact with content, and their pain points.  What steps should you take to get this accomplished?

  • Create a 5-10 question survey using a service like
  • Email the survey out to existing customers with a brief explanation stating that you want to better understand their needs.
  • Review the data collected and create 3-5 unique personas based on the information.
  • Begin creating a marketing plan with unique content streams aimed at reaching those persona types

I want to implement a social media plan and stick with it.
In order to map out a social media strategy you need to first understand where you are at.  A meaningful and engaging social media strategy should be focused on increasing interaction and generating results.

  • Repurpose Content: Be thoughtful about the manner in which you are repurposing content.  By slightly changing your posts you can easily highlight different key points while avoiding the need to start from scratch.
  • Interact Regularly:  A successful social media strategy contains 1 part promotion, 3 parts great content, and 6 parts engagement.  Plan on scheduling time to interact with potential customers and current clients on a regular basis.
  • Optimize Your Content: If your content can be searched online it can be optimized.  Use proper keywords and search phrases when creating customer centric content.

I want to start a blog to share with my customers.
Starting a new blog or refreshing an existing blog can be a daunting experience.  However, there are some simple best practices that you can implement to improve the experience for yourself as well as your customers.

  • Sourcing Content:  A great way to source content for your blog is to survey your existing customers.  This will give you insight into their pain points and information that they would like to learn more about.
  • Stand Out:  In a sea of blogs, social media sites, and content it is imperative that you create a unique hook or angle that differentiates your blog from other blogs online.
  • Do Your Homework:  Spend some time looking at the blogs that you follow and determine what attracts you to them.  Also, you will want to spend some time researching your top competitors to determine how their customers react and engage with their content.