How An SEO Driven Approach to Blogging Increased Organic Page Views by Over 85%


Current Situation

Antea Group US is an internationally renowned EHS & sustainability consulting firm with over 75 offices over the world and experience on 6 continents.

The Antea Group team had dedicated their resources to publishing over 10 blogs per month, with topics
focusing on industry news, best practices, case studies and new technologies in the EHS and sustainability industry. Despite their high level of content creation each month, Antea Group was not
able to gain the search visibility they were hoping for.


TopRank Marketing’s SEO team conducted a Rank Competitive Analysis, which audited Antea Group’s top ranking competitors across a multitude of impactful factors:

  • learning versus solution focused
  • key topics and subtopics
  • domain and page authority
  • internal linking
  • resource and asset offerings

From our analysis, we were able to isolate competitive advantages that Antea Group could emphasize,
and content topics where Antea Group had opportunities for pulling ahead of competitors from a ranking standpoint.

After identifying competitively advantageous keyword topics, our team dove deeper to identify and map sub topics, frequently asked questions, content types and other attributes. From this data, outlines
could be created for ideal blog topics. This enabled us to provide data-informed blog content that could gain increased visibility compared to previous blogs and competitors’ blogs.

Each month, as a team, TopRank Marketing and Antea Group share in the content drafting responsibilities. Antea Group also continues to publish additional blogs on news and best practices as
they had done previously.


Month-to- month, results show that blog concepts derived from this Rank Competitive Analysis exercise brought in anywhere from 85% – 96% more organic page views per post, than blogs not concepted in this way.

Furthermore, the data shows that SEO-integrated blogs drafted by TopRank Marketing’s SEO copywriting team outperformed those created previously.


In summary, our unique approach to content planning and creation enabled Antea Group to publish higher-impact posts that resonated with the target audience.