How PPC Budget and Performance Optimization Increased Leads for a Top Medical Center by 72.5%

Wake Forest Case Study
Current Situation:

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a nationally recognized academic medical center with multiple locations near Winston-Salem, N.C., operating as an integrated enterprise including educational and research facilities, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other primary and specialty care facilities serving 24 counties in northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia. It has been ranked as one of America’s “Best Hospitals” by U.S. News & World Report since 1993.

While nationally known and an active marketer, Wake Forest Baptist experienced increased competitive pressures resulting in increased costs and decreased volume with their bariatric program paid search campaigns. Adapting to these market changes created an opportunity to increase the number of leads they were receiving while decreasing the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL).

To help optimize PPC campaign performance, Wake Forest Baptist reached out to TopRank® Online Marketing to conduct an in-depth paid search marketing budget and performance analysis to help improve lead volume and account level CPL.

TopRank Marketing Solution:

Wake Forset Case Study 2

A review of Wake Forest Baptist’s campaigns revealed opportunities to better optimize keyword utilization and campaign budget allocation.

To optimize the PPC program, TopRank Marketing recommended changes including the creation of individual campaigns for top performing keywords based on Wake Forest Baptist’s specialized services. Ultimately, this campaign focus and segmentation allowed for better budget management and visibility for priority keywords.

Marketing Results:

By optimizing the paid search account and focusing on individual campaigns for top performing keywords, TopRank Marketing helped dramatically improve lead volume and account level CPL year over year:

  • 72.5% increase in leads
  • 33.7% decrease in CPL

Wake Forest Case Study 3

This case study shows that even advanced marketing organizations within companies can benefit from an outside perspective, especially when it comes to analyzing, optimizing and fine tuning paid search marketing programs.

Beyond helping to improve lead volume and account level CPL for PPC campaigns, TopRank Marketing continues to work with Wake Forest Baptist by providing Search Engine Optimization consulting services for better organic search visibility.

Do you want to learn more about creating a refined PPC strategy? Contact TopRank® Marketing today.


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