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On May 15th, TopRank’s CEO Lee Odden will present on a PRSA Teleseminar, “Reputation Management in a Google World”.

In many cases, the search engine has taken the place of an organization’s Web site as the doorway to initial interaction with important stakeholders. Compound this with the fact that nine out of ten people report that they don’t look past the first three pages of search results and a full 62 percent don’t go beyond the first page. Savvy public relations professionals are incorporating search engine optimization strategies to ensure that the right people will see their information. By creating an interconnected footprint of relevant content, photos, video and audio, they are actively managing the reputation of the brand, issue or company.

Attendees will learn:

• How to create content that rises to the top of search engines.
• A strategy for choosing keywords to drive relevant traffic.
• What it takes to become a recognized thought-leader online.
• Steps to take if your reputation has already taken a negative hit.

PRSA Teleseminar
“Reputation Management in a Google World”
May 15, 2008
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TopRank provides a mix of search engine optimization and online public relations consulting services including search engine reputation management for Fortune 500 corporations.

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