TopRank on Real-Time Marketing – Video

Where does real-time marketing fit within an online advertising and social media marketing mix? Below is a video interview with Mike McDonald of WebProNews at Search Engine Strategies San Jose that starts to answer that question. The interview took place just before TopRank CEO Lee Odden moderated a ClickZ panel focusing on the same topic that included: Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati; Steve Grove, Vice President at YouTube, Martin Green, COO at Meebo and Ricardo Guerrero, founder of Stwittergy.


There’s a lot to be said about the topic of marketing real-time including the fact that in many ways, marketers have been marketing “in the now” through search and other types of online advertising for years. What’s new are efforts to leverage insight from connections between social media networks to deliver relevant ads.

Technorati, Meebo, YouTube and Twitter all offer options for reaching new customers real-time, either through content or advertising as do an increasing number of other companies like Klout. The challenge is, like with all emerging digital marketing channels, to get a handle on what makes the most sense, what delivers value and results.

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