Recognizing Success – Smart, Creative, Focused on Results at TopRank Marketing

Lee asked us to look excited, but really we're almost always this excited.

Lee asked us to look excited, but really we’re almost always this excited!

The tagline below the logo on our website reads “Smart, Creative, Focused on Results.” That mantra is a big part of how we approach business for our agency , recruiting new talent and working with our clients.

At Friday’s team meeting, we gathered to share client experiences, point out key learnings we have gained, and see a demonstration of a new keyword mapping and performance reporting tool some members of our data team developed.

We also took part in a team-strengthening activity that allowed for each of us to share a bit of smarts and creativity that we have learned from each other.

As an agency, recognizing individuals for their contributions to each other is important to us as a team. As a part of our ‘Focused on Results’ culture, recognizing each other was especially meaningful this week after seeing agency recognition from sites across the web.

We were particularly thrilled to see that within the span of a few days both TopRank Online Marketing and our CEO, Lee Odden were mentioned by some pretty smart websites.

Scripted’s blog named TopRank Marketing a top content marketing company. The awesome folks at Scripted also shared this interview they did with Lee in August.

Speaking of our CEO, Deanna Lazzaroni at LinkedIn (client) checked in with him for a collection of the best gifts top marketers ever received. We won’t give away his answer, except for just one word: Adorable.

TopRank’s Online Marketing blog was named to the Inbound 50: The Top 50 Marketing Blogs on the Web too this week. We’re happy to be recognized among some of the most smart-thinking blogs in the industry.

Our CEO was also mentioned on Cision’s Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers on Twitter list, as well as the Top 100 Digital Marketing Experts at adSpringr’s blog.

As we learned more about ourselves, our team members and our agency this week, we’ll go into the weekend feeling good about the work we do here for our clients and for #TeamTopRank.

Smart, Creative, Focused on Results. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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