How Can I Repurpose Old Content to Increase Search Traffic?

The bottomline answer is, ‘Yes!’ There are dozens of different analogies that can be used to illustrate why that’s so. For purposes of this post, let’s use a fishing analogy.

Say, for example, you drop one baited hook into the water. Were you to drop a similarly baited hook into the water, do you think you would be more or less likely to catch a fish?

Just as more hooks in the water equal more chances to catch a fish, more content online equals more chances to reel in a website visitor — and a better chance of experiencing a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. One of the most efficient ways to create new content is to repurpose old content.

Just as one worm can bait several hooks, one video interview could turn into several pieces of content to lure visitors. A video interview could be repurposed and become:

  • An audio podcast
  • A transcription used as a basis for a blog post
  • A concept used to draft and optimize a press release

Keep in mind that all of this new content is in addition to the video interview, which still stands alone as a strong piece of content in and of itself.

Of course, a worm and a video interview are just examples. Many types of bait will catch a fish, and many pieces of content can be repurposed to attract visitors.

Spend time auditing the content you currently have available, whether it’s as expansive as a multi-media presentation or as simple as a product benefit webpage. Almost anything could potentially turn into the lots of little things needed to make your website and SEO program a success.

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