San Francisco Chronicle: TopRank on SEO Myths

SFGate, the online compliment to the San Francisco Chronicle, recently published an article by TopRank: “5 Myths About Search Engine Optimization”.

“…it’s amazing the variety of perspectives on what is true about SEO. True, the industry changes as often as consumers change their information search and consumption habits. But the misinformation that persists doesn’t help anyone.”

“Below I’ll outline 5 common myths about search engine optimization that will help small business web site owners make better decisions in their internet marketing.”

  1. “SEO is a collection of tricks”
  2. “Our prospects aren’t influenced by search engines”
  3. “SEO is a one time event”
  4. “SEO is a function of IT”
  5. “Our site doesn’t get a lot of visitors, so SEO wouldn’t work for us.”

A very large part of TopRank’s Internet marketing consulting practice is education and training of client staff on tactics such as search engine optimization. The more our clients know and appreciate the theory and measurable, practical applications, the more of a return they’re able to realize from TopRank’s consulting services.

Get the full details on each “SEO Myth” at SFGate.

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