Blog Marketing Integrated Into SEO Program For Software Solution Provider

This week, Microsoft released the B2B social media whitepaperLearn and Earn: A B2B Social Media Whitepaper from Microsoft Advertising.’  In this piece, author Mel Carson recounts the lessons learned and successes achieved from Microsoft’s foray into social media and blogging.

Many of the lessons learned by Microsoft in regards to blogging, such as establishing a strongly defined ROI to measure efforts, are the same guidelines that shape blog marketing best practices in programs offered by TopRank® Online Marketing.  An example of such an integration is the  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program between TopRank and Microsoft Dynamics solutions provider InterDyn BMI, which features an added emphasis on blog marketing.

Learn more about this program below:

The TopRank® Online Marketing program for InterDyn BMI includes:

  • Blog Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

TopRank provides SEO and blog marketing services to InterDyn BMI, a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner providing accounting, financial management and association management software solutions throughout the upper Midwest.

In addition to strategic and tactical consultation designed to improve traffic and rankings, TopRank guides development and promotion of blog content, which represents the second most visited section of the InterDyn BMI website apart from its homepage.

Blog marketing consultation provided by TopRank has already been instrumental in helping to developing sticky social content for InterDyn BMI, resulting in a late 2009 holiday-themed post which generated nearly 10% of total blog traffic received by the company in December.

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