Nearly 3 Years Later, Antea Group USA Still Seeing Triple-Digit Growth Thanks to SEO-Driven B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Environmental Consulting Firm Antea Group USA

Practice makes perfect. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t build a long-term future on short-term thinking.

Each of these classic tidbits of wisdom are built on the same principle: Consistency is the key to success. And consistency requires commitment, strategic thinking, and agility to reach your goals.

For nearly three years, TopRank Marketing has had the pleasure of working with Antea Group USA, an internationally renowned environment, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability consulting firm, to deploy an integrated SEO and content marketing mix that’s built on consistency.

With an ongoing commitment to strategic SEO-driven content, we’ve been focused on growing brand awareness, organic search visibility, and more recently, thought leadership. And we’re seeing incredible success.

Last year, we shared that after the first year of our partnership we’d seen outstanding triple-digit increases in overall and organic blog traffic, as well as double-digit increases in overall website and organic website traffic. Now that we’ve closed out 2018, that momentum has continued in an impressive fashion. In fact, we’re still seeing triple- and double-digit increases, and more.

Read on to learn how we’re consistently achieving results and mixing it up.

The Always-On Approach to SEO-Driven B2B Content

Since the inception of our partnership, our approach to SEO and content has been rooted in capitalizing on relevant search query opportunities to provide information and answers to Antea Group’s audience.

That commitment was taken to new heights in 2018, as the Antea Group team worked on their end to more tightly integrate with their practice and segment leaders to get real-life insight into the opportunities they see and the conversations they’re having with clients.

Those insights were then shared with the TopRank Marketing team to add a qualitative aspect to part of the SEO research and content planning process.

Antea Group USA Image

In addition, in an attempt to encourage engagement and showcase Antea Group USA’s fun-loving spirit, we integrated pop-culture-themed blog content into the mix.

Antea Group Image

Antea Group Image

As a result, the foundation of our SEO and content approach stayed intact, but we evolved the “content of the content” to move marketing maturity forward.

A Snapshot of the SEO & Content Mix


  • Monthly brainstorm sessions with the Antea Group and TopRank Marketing teams to keep a pulse on real-life rising trends, emerging customer pain points, and more
  • Ongoing SEO and analytics research to identify opportunities and guide the content planning process
  • 2-4 blog posts leveraging recently identified keyword and topical opportunities, sprinkled with engaging pop-culture-themed topics
  • Customized social media messages to amplify blog content on Antea Group’s core social media channels
  • Monthly SEO recommendations for improving on-page content on non-blog pages
  • Strategic cross-linking to key target pages and other relevant content

What Were the Results?

When it comes to overall website traffic and organic traffic, between 2017 and 2018 we’ve seen:


  • 149% YoY growth in total blog traffic
  • 183% YoY growth in organic blog traffic
  • 38% YoY growth in total website traffic
  • 54% YoY growth in total organic website traffic


When it comes to content performance, over the last nearly three years, TopRank Marketing has written and concepted more than 100 blog posts. As of December 2018, we’ve seen:


  • 37 of the top 50 performing blog post were written or concepted by our team.


The best part? The tangible business value, according to Margaret Uttke, Solutions Marketing Manager for Antea Group USA.


“We’ve been able to marry our field and digital marketing efforts together, resulting in numerous digital leads, real revenue opportunities to the tune of millions of dollars, and credibility with our clients, partners, and media as a go-to source for EHS&S information,” Margaret shared.


“The marketing team is thrilled, our senior sales leadership is excited, and we have had the opportunity to work with many new clients who wouldn’t have found us previously,” she added. “Consistency has led to clear results.”

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