Less Transaction, More Interaction: Integrated Content Marketing Approach Boosts Engagement by 116% for SAP App Center

SAP App Center Sees Growth with Help from TopRank Marketing: Case Study

Modern buyers are increasingly self-directed in their search for information, answers, and solutions. They use search engines, social media, and their peers to inform the decision-making process. As marketers, it’s our job to provide relevant content that resonates, educates and engages, wherever the buyers’ quest takes them.

This imperative brought SAP App Center to TopRank Marketing. SAP App Center is a marketplace designed to help SAP customers discover trusted partner applications for enhancing their existing technology and solutions.

Given the site’s purpose, it makes sense that most of SAP App Center’s content was transactional. But the SAP App Center team knew they needed to reach customers and prospects at multiple stages of the funnel. What’s more, they needed content that would enhance on-site and social engagement, as well as search visibility.

With these goals in mind, TopRank Marketing went to work to develop an integrated content marketing approach that combined smart SEO, influential voices, and eye-catching imagery to create relevant, helpful, and trustworthy content.

A Little Less Transaction, And a Lot More Interaction

We set ambitious goals for our content: it needed to capture top-of-funnel attention and earn search equity, while also guiding buyers deeper in the funnel. We wanted to generate immediate buzz and lay a long-term foundation at the same time.

To accomplish this, we did keyword research to see what user questions would best match SAP App Center’s messaging and value proposition. Based on that research, we planned three robust, SEO-driven resource pages. These comprehensive assets would serve as a search destination, elicit engagement, and drive to key product pages through strategic cross-linking.

But we didn’t stop there. To ensure the content would resonate beyond the SERPs—and boost immediate and long-term promotion—we identified and engaged industry experts to share their relevant expertise and insights for each topical area.

We augmented the expert advice with best-answer content and beautiful design to create these three pages:

  • The SAP Guide to Employee Experience
  • The SAP Guide to Talent Acquisition
  • The SAP Guide to Employee Well-Being

SAP App Center Page Images

Promotion Makes Perfect

Promotion is a key component of any integrated content marketing strategy, helping us fulfil that goal of meeting our audience when and where they’re searching for content—and send signals to search engines.

For the SAP App Center brand channels, our promotional plan included both organic and paid social tactics that were bolstered by captivating imagery and motion graphics that intrigued audiences. In addition, we activated influencers, making it easy for them to share with their audiences by providing tailored messaging and access to visual assets.

SAP Well-Being Programs Image

SAP Well-Being Programs Yoga Image

What Were the Results?

Turbo-boosted engagement. Increased reach. Enhanced search visibility. Our integrated approach drove some incredible results including:

  • 116% increase in average engagement for organic social posts compared to benchmark
  • 219% increase in average time on page compared to benchmark
  • 83% of influencers shared the content with their audience
  • 40% of total traffic to date driven by internal cross-linking, and takes place primarily from one power page to the other
  • 29,500 organic search impressions in just the last 90 days

SAP App Center’s new pages beat both of our big goals: They made a big first impression, but also show continued engagement (and search visibility) over time.

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