SEO Tip: Prime Keyword Real Estate for Web Pages

After engaging with a SEO consulting agency like TopRank, it’s important to retain the value of the optimization work performed. Often times there are many different contributors to the content of a web site and its technical maintenance. Without oversight, keyword optimization efforts can easily be overwritten.

Once overwritten, keyword rankings can decline. To avoid such situations, here are 3 locations within your web pages to watch where keywords should exist for optimal search engine rankings:

1. Title tag. In the source code of most web pages, there is a tag called Title that describes the web page content, often 8-12 words in length. The text from the title tag is the most important to search engines. It is displayed in the blue bar at the very top of your browser and is also used as the text when a page is bookmarked and displayed in the search results.

The most important keyword(s) for the page should be at the start of the title tag. Example: CRM Software from Microsoft Dynamics

2. On page content. If the keyword doesn’t exist on the visible web page, it will be difficult for a search engine to decide that page deserves to rank for it. Placing relevant keywords in the on-page title, headings and within the body copy will help search engines and human readers understand the content better.

3. Text links between pages. When you see blue underlined text that links to another web page, the words in the link infer meaning to the page being linked to. Example: Visit our CRM Software demo for more information.

Avoid linking between pages using “click here” or “more information” as those phrases do not associate relevant keywords to the destination page. Use relevant, readable keywords in text links and you’ll help both search engines and human readers understand the topic of the page they’re clicking to.

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