Should My Company Have A Twitter Presence?

Twitter, a popular microblogging site that lets users communicate messages in 140 characters or less, has exploded in popularity. Twitter has become so popular, many companies feel they must have a presence there, if only to stay ahead of the curve.  But is this really the case?

As much as it may seem everyone is on Twitter, this simply isn’t true.  CNET reports that while 99 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds have profiles on social networks, only 22 percent use Twitter.

Both gut feelings about the number of Twitter users and statistics detailing exact numbers are fairly irrelevant to the question at hand.  What’s truly important is the percentage of your audience that is on Twitter.

For companies working in industries where customers and prospects are early adapters, such as marketing or technology, a Twitter presence should absolutely be considered in the mix.  For more traditional industries, where customers and prospects are unlikely to have migrated to Twitter, a company presence would be fairly moot.

At the same time, early adapters can be found within groups of customers and prospects in any industry.  And there is always potential benefit for companies willing to blaze new marketing trails.

The question of whether your company should have a presence in new, cutting-edge marketing channels can be answered with good, old-fashioned marketing research to determine where your audience congregates.  And as long as your entire suite of marketing efforts are not wrapped up in something new and unproven, few will look down on you for trying something unique.

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