The Social Media Recipe: How We Helped One Client Exceed Follower Goals by 91%


Current Situation
A gourmet food company recently hired TopRank Marketing to expand their social reach. While their world-renowned products are featured in many 5 star restaurants and households across the country, they felt there was a greater opportunity for continued expansion on social media.

While this client already had a very engaged social audience, they enlisted TopRank Marketing’s help to develop a strategy that would uncover new audiences within the social sphere.

Program Objectives
The client was focused on two major objectives for this program:

  • Increase brand audience reach on a specific group of social networks.
  • Achieve a new cost per follower goal of $0.63.

TopRank Marketing Solution
After meeting with the client and reviewing current audience personas, TopRank Marketing developed 3 new audience profiles. Additional profiles beyond the 3 audience groups were also developed for Twitter using 4 different handle follower groups.

Messaging was drafted for each group that focused on their distinct needs, wants and product interests. All messaging was drafted with the following in mind:

  • Top performing products based on revenue and volume
  • Top performing organic posts and Tweets
  • Products unique to brand

Additionally, TopRank Marketing worked with the client to develop social messaging aimed at driving engagement for a holiday food giveaway.

Once all audiences were built and the messaging was launched, the client started to see follower and page counts begin to rise. Below is a small sampling of these results:







Not only did this program meet the defined goals and objectives, but actually exceeded expectations in the following areas:

  • 91% More Followers than New Follower Goal
  • 48% Lower Cost per Follower than Goal

Interested in seeing how a more strategic approach to Social Media Marketing can positively impact your business? Contact TopRank Marketing to learn more!