Three Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Online Marketing

If an online marketing program were to be compared to an airplane, one could make the analogy that the left wing is a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program.

Important as it may be, a left wing alone will not complete the elements needed to launch an airplane, just as SEO alone will not be enough to make up an entire online marketing program.  As social media becomes more prevalent, a social media marketing strategy becomes the right wing to help the online marketing program launch and maintain flight.

Below are three ways social media marketing helps support an online marketing program:

  1. Builds Website Legitimacy: More and more, search engines are recognizing companies with a social media presence as more legitimate than those without. As such, search rankings, traffic – and of course, corresponding inquiries and sales – all tie into establishing a social media presence.
  2. Real-Time Search: Tweets, Facebook comments, blog posts, and more – they can all be found, and found quickly, thanks to real-time search. Social media will do more than just help enhance the online presence of your website – it can become an entirely new online presence all its own.
  3. Enhance Trust: Searchers return to websites they know and they trust. Social media channels provide an avenue to build this trust by connecting with users on a personal and interactive level.  This can help reinforce returning traffic while also pulling new visitors.

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