June TopRank News Roundup

This past month, insight provided by TopRank® Online Marketing was featured in online publications including Mashable, Search Marketing Standard and WebProNews.

Below, find media highlights from June 2009:

5 Essential Steps to Make Your Site Search & Social Media Friendly

With the rapid evolution of social media, creation of new and fresh content isn’t just expected, it’s demanded.  This demand is coming from, in equal parts, both search engines and consumers.  As such, no online marketing program is complete unless it encompasses components of both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.

Mashable, perhaps the world’s largest dedicated source for social media news, recently published 5 Essential Steps to Make Your Site Search & Social Media Friendly, by TopRank CEO Lee Odden.  These steps, including consistently creating new, compelling content – and making it easy for readers to share –  are designed to send signals to both websites and consumers that that there is ample reason to both visit and return to your site.

Strategic Link Building

A cornerstone strategy to any SEO program, and vital to search engines being able to properly crawl your website and rank it for priority keywords, is the acquisition of Inbound Links.  The vitality of linkbuilding was highlighted this month by Search Marketing Standard which included Lee Odden’s post, Strategic Link Building for SEO, in its Editor’s Picks for the week of June 15th.  Online press releases and paid job listings are just two of several strategic link building ideas shared in this post.

WebProNews: Online Reputation Management in the Future

In the year 2525, will your online reputation still be alive?  Or, will the web become so saturated with all of our misgivings that it will be impossible for future schools, employers or girlfriends to judge our online behavior as “good” or “bad”?

Such is the premise of Chris Crum’s recent WebProNews article, Online Reputation Management in the Future.  Online marketing notables, including Trackur creator Andy Beal, search marketer Dave Naylor, Greg Jarboe from SEO-PR and Lee Odden were asked, “Will we ever get to a point when online reputation management actually becomes less of an issue, simply because the web is so saturated with everybody’s dealings?”

Odden’s response likens online behavior seen as controversial today to bands like The Clash who, while once controversial, seem tame by today’s standards.  Odden does, however, make an important distinction:

“Blatant, overt and inappropriate behavior is timeless when there’s context. Sticking a French fry in your nose and farting on pepperoni before serving them to a customer, for example, is inappropriate in a timeless sort of way. Holding a drink at a party or mentioning generalities about a wild weekend are not as much of an issue.”

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