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Today’s 24-hour news cycle means, more than ever before, journalists and bloggers turn to search engines and social media to quickly find stories and sources.  Despite this, many media placement and article syndication companies guard content behind lengthy log-in processes.  The five minutes it takes a journalist to log-in is, oftentimes, five minutes spent finding a more convenient source.

One company that has evolved to meet the needs of its prospect and client base is NewsUSA.  The social media and Twitter case study below details how TopRank® Online Marketing is helping NewsUSA meet business objectives by freeing up and expanding the availability of media content into channels frequented by customers and prospects.


For more than 20 years, NewsUSA has helped its clients achieve brand visibility via copyright-free syndicated content. Much like its competition, NewsUSA entered 2009 with a requirement that users, from print journalists to bloggers, log-in to its article syndication section in order to access and publish this copyright-free content.

NewsUSA engaged TopRank® Online Marketing to develop an online marketing strategy that would move beyond simply improving website traffic, but would help increase news reach and visibility for its clients’ content.


As a market evolves, so do opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. In embracing the rise of social media, NewsUSA grabbed such an opportunity by launching its Twitter feed in September 2009 (as just one element of a larger mix of social channels to promote content). Each week, a list of followers consisting of both print and online journalists would be the first to discover the availability of the latest copyright-free content.

NewsUSA Tweets are written to be social media friendly, pulling more visitors to NewsUSA articles. Content promoted through this Twitter feed is also available without logging in, to all readers, removing the log-in barrier still in play by most competitors of NewsUSA. This ease of use helps encourage news placements while clearly differentiating NewsUSA in the marketplace.


Since launching its Twitter feed as part of their mix in September 2009, NewsUSA has seen consistent increases in digital story reach and online influence.

Additionally, since its launch the NewsUSA Twitter feed has:

  • Driven more than 1,000 visitors per month to the NewsUSA website
  • Accounted for double-digit percentage increases in content views
  • Grown its following to more than 3,000 bloggers, media and web influencers

“A new media environment necessitates a new and flexible media strategy for a company like NewsUSA. The social media strategy implemented by TopRank® Online Marketing has helped transform how we are seen by our prospects, and is paying remarkable and rapid dividends for our clients.” – Richard Rothstein, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, NewsUSA

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