Software & Tech Firms Launch Search Marketing Programs

By design, software and technology companies exist to solve long-held problems in new and innovative ways.  And because technology can be so readily customized, by factors ranging from vertical industry focus to specific problems addressed, no two software or technology companies will ever be the same.

In much the same way, no two successful search marketing programs will ever be exactly alike.  Each program will need to customized based on factors ranging from the type of prospects being targeted to specific objectives being achieved.

The three companies below, each having developed a unique software or technology offering, recently launched customized search marketing programs with TopRank® Online Marketing:

Aprigo offers business-savvy IT managers solutions that enable easier management and tighter security of business data existing in the cloud.  TopRank’s engagement with Aprigo, rooted in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will be designed to increase qualified online inquiries.

With its columnar database solution, Calpont helps companies in industries including telecommunications and marketing, quickly analyze massive amounts of parallel data.  SEO, paid search and blog marketing initiatives will be deployed for Calpont with the objective of building online awareness, traffic and sales.

Curata’s offering of a content curation solution helps companies in both niche and broadly focused industries build out the online content necessary to achieve traffic and sales goals.  An objective of Curata’s program will be to leverage TopRank’s expertise in SEO and paid search to meet its own online traffic and revenue objectives.