Case Study: Blogging Helps Small Business Boost Search Traffic 109%

Current Situation: Ray N. Welter Heating Company is a small business based in Minneapolis that specializes in central air conditioning and heating system repair.  The company has spent more than 100 years building a loyal customer base that will turn to them at the first sign of trouble. But therein lies the rub.  With the […]

Ask An Expert: What is one key thing that I need to know to kick-start a successful content marketing program?

One word: Optimization. Right, I know, everyone is talking about optimization, but we’re talking about not just optimizing for search engines, but optimizing for customers. What is optimization? optimize (verb):  to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible (Merriam-Webster) Optimizing your online content, whether it’s your webpage, a blog post, social message, online profile, […]

SES London: Content Optimization and Integrated Online Marketing

The nature of customer engagement has changed forever. No longer will customers accept buying any product or service by just hoping it will meet their needs. It is a process of search, reviews, and social input all before a sale is made. Post-sale will likely include reviews and online sharing. Make sure you don’t miss […]

SES Chicago: TopRank Presents Content Marketing Optimization

Online Marketing Blog reports that six in ten marketers are spending more on content marketing than ever before. Affording any size business the power to create its own content to boost visibility and attract sales-ready prospects creates an almost utopian online environment.  But like most utopias, this environment can harbor a dark side. Essentially, if […]