SEO & Email Marketing Help Solidify Brand Identity: NewsUSA Renews With TopRank

As traditional and online public relations merge to become one all-encompassing PR landscape, the companies that dare to blaze new trails through this wilderness will have the most success. One such company is NewsUSA, a 20-year veteran in the media placement industry. In 2009, NewsUSA worked to reinvent itself as a thought leading social syndication […]

Email Marketing Remains Key Tactic As StrongMail Engages With TopRank

Online Marketing Blog recently conducted a poll asking its readers to identify the top three digital marketing tactics they planned to emphasize in 2011. Tactics finishing within the top 5 include: Search engine optimization Social network participation Blogging Email marketing Content marketing The mix of tactics sitting atop this list signal a new year where […]

B2B Branding Helps TopRank Clients Achieve Business Goals

Examples of strong branding, whether it’s the ‘Uncola’ or the ‘Freshmaker’, light fires in the minds of consumers that are rarely extinguished.  Can the same branding principles used by B2C companies, including personification of a company and persistence of messaging, help B2B businesses achieve their marketing goals? Below, learn how B2B branding is helping three […]

Marketing Fulfillment Leader Invests in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing’s importance in driving the success of a business cannot be overstated.  In a previous post, data from a recent eMarketer survey cited Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search as the most effective tactics for generating conversions, according to senior level marketing executives. Being found online quickly, whether via organic or paid search […]

Email Marketing Added To Renewed Search Marketing Program for eEmpACT & Bond Talent US

For nearly twenty years, staffing software provider eEmpACT, along with parent company and recruiting software developer Bond Talent US, have delivered to the needs of top staffing and human resources professionals nationwide. Despite a downturn in the staffing industry in 2009, an Internet marketing program developed by TopRank® Online Marketing enabled eEmpACT to achieve new […]

Online Marketing Blog by TopRank #4 in Junta42 List

Ranks Online Marketing Blog by TopRank #4 Since being founded by Joe Pulizzi in mid-2007, Junta42 has existed as a premier destination helping marketers and publishers better understand content marketing.  Pulizzi himself posts on the subject of content marketing consistently, via his blog, The Content Marketing Revolution. In a listing of the top 42 content […] Social is Hot But Email Excels in B2B

With all the buzz about social media marketing, many companies may be missing out from tried and true B2B marketing channels such as email marketing. Canadian IT publication, recently cited TopRank’s CEO Lee Odden in a recent article about the continued relevance of email along with exploring opportunities in social media: Marketing on social […]