TopRank Publishes New Online Marketing eBook Previewing Authority Rainmaker Speakers

The internet is a great equalizer allowing virtually anyone with an internet connection and a device to consume, create content, interact or transact anytime, anywhere. From soloprenuers to small businesses owners to mid-market and large enterprise marketers, the appetite for solid information on online marketing strategy and tactics is high in demand. People want to […]

Ask An Expert: How Can I Effectively Use PPC As Part of My Online Marketing Strategy?

Industry analysts and media often focus on which online marketing is more effective: paid search ads (PPC), SEO, social media marketing… The truth is each of these tactics can be effective for a business. Used together as part of a holistic online marketing strategy, they complement one another and become an incredibly powerful weapon in […]

TopRank in London – CEO Lee Odden Presents on SEO Migration

TopRank Marketing is pleased to announce that CEO Lee Odden will be presenting and moderating multiple sessions at SES London this coming week. As our marketing agency continues to expand and provide subject matter expertise to clients both nationally and internationally, we view this as a great opportunity to share our advanced knowledge and experience […]

Ask An Expert: Can You Win the Online Marketing Race Without Content Marketing?

When should you start with Content Marketing?  Today’s online marketing is a race where the stakes are high, competition is tough and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to create a sustainable, competitive advantage. Consider these questions to help you answer, “When Content Marketing is right?” for you: What’s the right time to understand who your best […]

TopRank in Los Angeles – Blogging & Social Media at BlogWorld LA

Where do you go when you’re throwing around the idea of purchasing a new product for yourself or making a business investment in a solution?  It’s safe to assume that the majority of people would say that is a no brainer.  You go online!  A recent study shows that over 44% of B2B marketers are […]

How the Bing And Yahoo! Relationship Impacts SEO Strategy

The culmination of a deal signed just over a year ago is that Microsoft’s Bing now powers Yahoo! search. The actual search impact remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that the two search engines together (Yahoo! and Bing) account for only about 30% of U.S. searches – with Google at 65%. The real […]

TopRank at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis/St. Paul

When it comes to a business’ online strategy, questions abound for social media practitioners about how to best leverage and integrate the many online marketing tools available. The disciplines of search, social media and content marketing continue to intersect and often combine to create a powerful mix. Companies and individuals are creating competitive advantages as […]

How Do I Find The Best Social Media Consultant?

A fairly common – and quite fair – question by many companies when seeking a social media consultant is, ‘can you help us with Facebook?’ The answer, provided by most firms, is ‘of course.’   But what positions some social media consultants above others is this:  the best consultants will never agree to such a narrow […]

Online Marketing News You Can Use April 22, 2011

How CISCO Integrates Social Media in the Organization – Via Dado Van Peteghem on Slideshare. The new Google Analytics Beta – a detailed review. Via Smart Insights. Shoppers Use Search to Find Deals. Three-quarters (74%) of US adult online shoppers use online tools to find deals, and the highest percentage (50%) use search engines, according to […]

Online Marketing News You Can Use April 21, 2011

Social Media for Marketing presentation from Slideshare. Amazon Server Troubles Take Down Reddit, Foursquare & HootSuite. So much for high availability hosting. Amazon’s data center issues affected a huge amount of social web activity and nearly 24 hours later, they’re still not back online. A boon for Akamai. Via Mashable. Social Media Usage By SMBs […]