TopRank in Baltimore – Lee Odden Helps Attendees Attract & Engage More Customers – 2012 Vocus Users Conference

June 8th marks the second of three public appearances TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden will be making this month!  If you are interested in learning how online marketing and public relations have meshed together, and how content related to each industry is discovered, then this conference is a perfect fit for you. At the […]

TopRank In New York – Track Keynote: Optimize & Socialize #BWENY

A holistic approach to online marketing involves a combination of SEO, social media, and content. When combined, these three concepts create a means for better attracting your targeted prospects, engaging your current customers, and inspiring your audience to share your marketing messages. TopRank CEO Lee Odden will be presenting a track keynote at the BlogWorld & […]

TopRank in UK – Get More Customers with an #Optimize & Socialize Approach to Online Marketing : #IonSearch – Lee Odden

In the search marketing industry the word “optimize” has traditionally referred to keywords, links, or search engine placement.  This term and the industry has a whole is making a shift that is more focused on a holistic approach to your online marketing strategy as a whole, and optimizing the journey for your target audience from […]