SEO & Social Media for PR: DishyMix Interview with Lee Odden

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are no longer distinct channels. They are forever intertwined, each affecting the other in terms of how digital information is discovered, consumed and shared. The subsequent impact on reach and engagement means the integration of these channels is as relevant for Public Relations as it is for Marketing. I […]

TopRank Summary from BlogWorld New York 2011

Blogs are perfectly suited as social media information hubs for companies or individuals that want to dominate their niche online. TopRank Online Marketing has been an active proponent and pioneer of blog marketing as the centerpiece of social content strategy for many years. We’ve been working with companies ranging from B2C retailers like J&O Fabrics […]

PRSA International Conference 2010: TopRank Presents on Social Media & SEO

Fortunately for public relations professionals, fundamental storytelling and networking skills are just as vital as they have ever been. But while audience hunger for compelling tales and human connection is the same, the channels where these wants are being met have never been more subject to change. An outcome of this change is the morphing […]

TopRank Speaks on Social Media SEO at BlogWorld New Media Expo 2010

Do you want to get the most out of blogging for your business and take advantage of SEO and Social Media at the same time? Then you should attend BlogWorld New Media Expo 2010, the world’s largest blogging and new media conference. BlogWorld brings together highly experienced bloggers, Social Media experts, and New Media moguls to […]

Boost Corporate Blog Marketing with Social SEO

So many business blogs suffer from tactical execution without understanding the power of search engine optimization and social media for attracting traffic and engaging customers. The following presentation outlines how TopRank Online Marketing worked with it’s own blog Online Marketing Blog and with a B2B marketing client to  achieve phenomenal increases in reach, traffic and a positive […]

Social Media Optimization Case Studies & Tips

Optimizing social media for search engines, presents a tremendous opportunity to grow social networks and build traffic to content that allows visitors to consumer, engage and share. TopRank Online Marketing has been “practicing what we preach” in the area of social media optimization and before that, blog SEO and social news/bookmarking for about 5 years […]