Small Conversion Rate & Search Optimization Tweaks Yield Big Results for This Niche Business

CRO & SEO Case Study for Niche Industry

Large enterprise or small business, established industry or niche market: Regardless of where your organization falls in the marketplace, if you’re engaging in digital marketing you want it all—from more search visibility and traffic to better qualified leads and higher conversions.

These days, many marketers are focusing on short-term campaigns to spike awareness and engagement, and to get quicker wins. But a series of short-term pushes don’t guarantee long-term success. If you want growth and longevity, consistency is key—and that means you always have to be optimizing to improve the customer experience and results.

Innovatech Labs, a materials testing and analysis lab services provider, has been a TopRank Marketing client for well over a decade, making consistent monthly and yearly investments in the digital marketing health of its website. Last summer, we partnered to give the site a fresh look and improve the user experience. And as has been the case for more than a decade, we’ve been implementing monthly SEO recommendations and refining the conversion path as opportunities have arisen.

The results? Read on to find out.

The Always-On Approach to Optimization

After the site migration, we saw a small decrease in organic traffic, which is typical after building a new site. Traffic rebounded quickly, but we were seeing some decreases in on-page conversions for two primary service offerings.

To address these decreases in traffic, we employed a best answer SEO strategy based on keyword data, frequently asked questions, and ranking information to provide relevant and timely information for searchers.

At the same time, we employed a series of month-over-month A/B tests to determine the optimal point of conversion, and call to action, on their two primary service pages.

The Tactical Mix

  • On-page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • A/B testing and CRO

What Were the Results?

We far surpassed expectations!

The goals prior to implementing these changes were a 50% increase in organic traffic and 10% increase in conversions.

What we actually achieved :

  • 78% increase in organic traffic Q3 over Q2 of 2018
    • 66% and 56% increase in organic traffic to their top two services (FTIR and GCMS)
  • 153% increase in organic traffic for Q3 over Q3 2017
    • 78% and 316 % increase in organic traffic to their top two services (FTIR and GCMS)
  • 34% increase in conversions over the previous period
    • 29% increase from organic traffic
    • FTIR saw a 76% increase 157% increase for GCMS
  • 34% increase in conversions over the previous year
    • 33% increase from organic  traffic
    • GCMS up by 500% and FTIR was up by 25%

Ready to Improve Your Search & Conversion Performance?

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