Is It Time For Me To Implement A Mobile SEO Strategy?

mobile seo strategy

Yes, of course.

For many, a straight-forward ‘yes’ when answered in relation to whether a mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy should be launched is a terrifying answer.

Quite simply, if search moves at the speed of light, mobile moves at the speed of light on [insert favorite energy drink here.]

When something moves this fast, there are bound to be those that feel woefully behind in terms of understanding.

So before you breathe into your paper bag over mobile, take a deep breath of your analytics and find out how many of your users are actually coming to your site via mobile applications. Is it less than 40%?  Congratulations – you have some time.  More than 70%?  Well, yikes – let’s get moving.

Whatever camp you fall into, keep in mind that best practices – not fear – should always lead the way.  If it’s time for you to implement a mobile marketing strategy, set yourself up for success by keeping these best practices in mind:

1.     Ensure Content Is Built For Users: Different mobile users will see your content in different ways.  Feature phones (ie not Smart Phones) will oftentimes stack content from your site in a mobile browser while Smart Phones may display content either in zoom or postage stamp mode.  Mobile style sheets or unique mobile content can ensure your content displays properly for any user.

2.     Leverage Redirects and User Agents: Because different mobile and traditional search listings can appear in the same search results, user agents and redirects can be implemented to ensure the user is served the right content.

3.     Leave Behind Your Duplicate Content Fears: Mobile content is not counted as duplicate – even if it is the exact same minus the platform.

4.     Create An XML Site Map: A separate mobile XML site map, convertible to mobile, should be created.

5.     Implement Microformats: More and more, microformats will appear in mobile search results as rich snippets which can help compel the click.

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