What tools can you use to optimize conversions?

Conversion Optimization ToolsAs technology has advanced, numerous online marketing tools have emerged to help digital marketers save time and gain better insight into the visitor experience. If you’ve ever worked on your website’s conversion and usability, then you’ve probably tested a conversion tool or two.

We like to think we know what our customers want, but, in reality, we can’t really know until we perform some testing that allows them to provide feedback about their experience. Because the Internet changes rapidly, as do the tools that help us navigate its growing complexity, we’ve gathered the latest tools that make it easy to test your site design and conversion funnels.

  • Morae – From the folks who brought us Camtasia, Morae sets the gold standard in usability and market research. From focus groups to usability studies, Morae helps you gain insight into your user’s experiences by providing you with powerful data. Record and remotely observe user interactions, efficiently analyze results, and instantly share your findings with anyone, anywhere.
  • Rekko Optimize – Rekko solves the problem of setting up and implementing A/B testing correctly by using the power of big data and predictive analytics to automatically optimize your split tests, ensuring that the best content is always delivered. Tell the software what you’d like to optimize for – whether that’s more sales, clicks, or form submissions – and their system will handle the rest.
  • Usabilla – With 20,000+ customers worldwide, Usabilla helps marketers generate leads and understand what drives website visitors, providing live feedback about what people think and feel while browsing your site, allowing you to make instant improvements based on specific feedback within a visual context.
  • ChalkMark – You can easily create a series of tasks for users to complete after you’ve uploaded a design. ChalkMark will keep track of where your visitors are clicking/interacting within the design.
  • ClickTale – They provide over 100,000 businesses offering unparalleled insights into a visitor’s entire online experience. Unlike traditional web analytics that monitor visitor movement between pages, ClickTale’s web analytics solution focuses on what visitors do inside the web pages.
  • Optimizely – This conversion tool offers a point-and-click interface designed to make A/B testing as simple as possible, featuring cross-browser, multi-page testing and including those designed for mobile among a host of features.
  • Visual Website Optimizer – Their A/B testing tool allows marketing professionals to create different versions of their websites and landing pages using a point-and-click editor (no HTML knowledge needed) and then see which version produces maximum conversion rate or sales.
  • Content Experiments – Formerly called Website Optimizer, this is a free tool that allows you to easily setup and monitor A/B and multivariate tests and is now embed into Google Analytics.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, we wanted to offer a variety of conversion tools in a range of price points representing different levels of complexity.

What conversion tool have you used to improve your visitors’ experience?

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