St. Paul Pioneer Press: TopRank Weighs In On Social Media Marketing Campaign By Ford

Pioneer Press Syndicates Social Media Insight From TopRank

Memorable social media marketing campaigns can be described several different ways, from side-splittingly comical to thought-provokingly serious.  But unless a campaign can be described as strategic, memorable or not, it will be difficult to describe it as successful.

In the article, “Social Media Spreads The Word…For Ford”, Colleen O’Connor covers the Ford Fiesta Movement.  This article, syndicated by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, features insight by TopRank® Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden.

The Ford Fiesta Movement, a social campaign leveraging funny videos, is the company’s effort to reach a market of socially vibrant ‘millenials’ (ie those born between 1979-95, 11,000 of which reach driving age each day).

Of 4,000 applicants, 100 were chosen to participate in the Movement.  Participants are given regular assignments to be completed in new Ford Fiestas. Past assignments have included driving until the car runs dry of gasoline, or taking someone who has never been to the ocean to see the Pacific. Each experience is humorously documented and posted online.

“My strategy is to make funny videos,” states Ford Fiesta Movement participant Brian Bonn.

For the Ford Fiesta Movement, currently experiencing both positive feedback and media coverage, this simple statement may be the only strategic direction necessary.  However, it poses a problem for any company looking to replicate the success of Ford.

“Social media technology is so new that many companies don’t understand it well enough to wage effective ad campaigns,” states TopRank CEO Lee Odden.  “There’s a disconnect, like, ‘Hey, our competition is on Facebook so we better get a Facebook presence.’ So then there’s a contest to get 2,000 fans on the Facebook page.  But unless there’s a strategy that ties this to corporate goals, it won’t work.”

Per Odden, the Ford Fiesta Movement campaign does seem to be on the right track.

“The target market for this vehicle is alive and well within social channels, so it’s a great fit,” Odden concludes.

For any other company seeking to replicate the success of Ford and launch their own social movement, it is highly recommended that time be spent working through a social media strategy by creating a Social Media Roadmap.

For information regarding how best to blend social media with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), see TopRank CEO Lee Odden speak live at SES San Jose this August.

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