TopRank CEO Lee Odden Interviewed on The Foush

In the lead up to the SES Toronto conference, TopRank’s CEO Lee Odden was interviewed by Canadian blogger and “new media maverick” Rahaf Harfoush on search engine optimization, social media trends and Twitter.

The social media space is becoming quite saturated as companies begin to introduce social networking platforms and corporate blogs. How does the increase of activity in this space affect someone’s online strategy?

“At first glance, the array of options can be very intimidating to a company that wants to get into the social media space as a way to grow brand awareness and revenue.”

“The important first step is to get involved as a participant and work to understand the way social communities and blogs work from a user perspective.”

Additional questions focused on SEO, social media, Twitter and sage advice for Incisive Media’s Kevin Ryan. Read the full interview, “Search Engine Optimization: TopRank CEO Shares Tips and Tricks

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