TopRank Digital Marketing News 123009

news roundup

Which notable industry publications and blogs mentioned TopRank® Online Marketing the second half of December, 2009? Here you go:

American Express OPENForum – 80 Small Business Twitterers You Should Be Following. TopRank’s Lee Odden was cited in this list of helpful Twitter users for small business information.

pamorama – 40 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Reading. TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog is included in this list of social media content blogs along with Chris Brogan, Scott Monty and Mashable.  TopRank’s Adam Singer is also included with his personal blog, The Future Buzz.

PRWeb – Best Webinars of 2009. TopRank’s webinar on optimizing news content is listed as the #1 most popular PRWeb webinar in 2009.

Smarter Social Media – Smartest People in Social Media. TopRank CEO Lee Odden was included in this list of social media pundits and practitioners.

Evan Carmichael – Top 50 SEO Blog Posts of 2009. TopRankBlog was ranked #13 for it’s post listing over 100 Search Marketing Resources.

Pierce Mattie PR – Best Blogs to Read in 2010. TopRankBlog was named a top PR blog to read in 2010 by this leading NYC PR agency.

Who’s Blogging What – Most Useful Posts of 2009. TopRankBlog was cited in this short list of resourceful blog posts in 2009.

The Comms Corner – 99 most useful Social Media (and PR) Blog posts of 2009. TopRankBlog’s post on social media marketing tips was cited in this roundup.

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