TopRank Experiences Success at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Oh, MarketingProfs – you did it again.

This year’s B2B Marketing Forum united some of the industry’s most experienced and trusted B2B marketers under the unifying goal of teaching marketers to understand and appreciate that there’s no one choice – whether it be strategy, tactics or tools – that’s right for every business. Instead, the conference was about choices (and a little fun). Choices in sessions, choices in networking and choices in how you apply the knowledge harnessed at the conference to your own marketing programs.

Who went: TopRank Online Marketing was well represented at the conference with CEO Lee Odden & Account Manager Strategic Accounts Brian Larson.

Why TopRank Attended: The B2B Marketing Forum is attended by the top B2B brands, agencies and thought leaders. As an agency that runs strategic marketing programs for many innovative B2B companies, our attendance at the forum served to spread awareness of TopRank, meet with clients, connect with savvy brands and learn from other B2B marketing leaders.

TopRank’s Liveblog Coverage of B2B Marketing Forum:
The TopRank team expertly liveblogged several sessions at the conference, which collectively got over 1,300 social shares. Here are some of the things they learned:

Marketing Automation Essentials for Small Businesses:
Our team learned about the efficiencies that marketing automation can offer, as well as some things it can’t do yet. He got valuable advice on when clients should invest in such automation, key features that benefit small businesses, and a few best practices to help his clients succeed.

8 Things You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing
Brian was able to capture important insight into the ever growing practice of influencer marketing, and track answers to some of the most pressing questions brands have about it.

How to Build a B2B Community in Facebook
Building a B2B Community in Facebook is a wonderful opportunity for brands, especially considering how many B2B companies acquire customers using Facebook. Our team was able to capture the 3 steps it takes to set up a community to help do just that.

Content Marketing Superhero PanelLee Participated in the Power Panel: Content Marketing All Stars
Along with Joe Pulizzi, Michelle Kesller, and Joe Chernov, TopRank CEO Lee Odden participated in a Power Panel to help answer conference go-ers most pressing questions.
From content tools and examples of creatively leveraging content to idea generation and taking successful content to the next level, Lee was able to demonstrate his expertise and become one of the top influencers of the conference (according to Keyhole) on Twitter with over 200 tweets and 2.1 million impressions.


Top Tweets from the Conference

With over 200 tweets and over 100 retweets, there were several great conversations taking place on Twitter throughout the forum.
@leeodden @leeodden

David Meerman Scott Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award…and a Vacuum




Lee Odden is currently in the midst of the TopRank world tour where he’s taking the agency, its successes, and it’s expertise from Iowa and Minnesota to Madrid and Moscow. Here are the places Lee is going next:
Social Brand Forum, Iowa 10/24
PRSA International, Philedelphia 10/26
• Online Marketing Week Search Marketing Day, Madrid 11/5
• Social Media Conference, Moscow 11/21
With so much success at this year’s B2B forum, we’re more than excited to attend next year!

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