From Amsterdam to Arizona: TopRank Marketing Educates Marketers on SEO Plus


TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden is kicking off 2016 with a whirlwind education tour across the globe. His first two events will take place in Amsterdam and Arizona and will inform marketers on the benefits of taking a SEO plus approach to digital marketing.

What is SEO Plus?

SEO Plus is a holistic approach to search engine optimization. This methodology considers the role of search as an integrated part of all the other digital marketing tactics required to help brands become the best answer for what their customers are looking for.

SEO is no longer a standalone tactic that can be deployed without integrating with other essential digital marketing tactics. In his presentations, Lee will explore how SEO fits into the digital marketing mix and then SEO best practices specifically for content marketers.

Below is a preview of what attendees will learn at each of these events.

Friends of Search, Amsterdam

Friends of Search

Date: February 11, 2016

Keynote: Where SEO Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix
Even though there’s a shift in digital marketing from an emphasis on search results to focusing on customers, it doesn’t mean search isn’t important. The modern customer’s journey extends across channels and devices, so it takes an integrated approach to truly stand out and inspire customer action. In this presentation, Lee Odden will help attendees understand:

  • The top digital marketing priorities based on a new survey of brand marketers
  • How to architect a customer and content-centric approach to digital marketing
  • How one content program attracted over 1,000 leads with no SEO. And how many more if we had used SEO
  • A framework for creating meaningful content that’s optimized, socialized, publicized and influencer activated

Event Info

B2B/C2C Content2Conversion Conference, Scottsdale, AZ


Date: February 15-17, 2016

Session: SEO for Content Marketers
SEO is one of the top in-demand skills according to LinkedIn data and is critically important. With today’s increasingly self-directed business buyers, content that is easily found through search is even more crucial and important for marketers. This presentation will cover how smart B2B marketers are integrating SEO with content. Other topics include the importance of mobile and other recent changes with Google that B2B content marketers need to be aware of. Lastly, this presentation will cover content SEO best practices.

Event Info

Unable to Attend Either of These Events?

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Throughout the year, TopRank Marketing will be providing education in the form of online and in-person events. We will be sure to update you on other events coming to a conference or computer near you. Stay tuned!