TopRank Marketing Takes on MarketingProfs 2015 B2B Marketing Forum


Last week, Boston was abuzz with the arrival of the 9th annual MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. Attendees and speakers alike gathered from all over the United States (and some even further) for three days of non-stop fun, learning and networking.

Representing TopRank Marketing at the event was CEO, Lee Odden and Director of Agency Marketing, Ashley Zeckman.

TopRank Marketing CEO Speaks on Participation in Marketing

No stranger to the big stage, Lee info-tained a room full of attendees with information about a topic that is new to many marketers, that of adding participation to content programs. Encouraging influencers, niche experts and the online community at large is a scalable way to add more quality content to any content marketing program. Below are some of the top tweets from Lee’s session at the B2B Marketing Forum:


Blog Coverage of The B2B Marketing Forum

In addition to Lee’s presentation, the TopRank team created a number of live blogs covering some of the most popular sessions at the event. Below are links to the sessions that we covered:

Learn to Focus Your Digital Marketing on User Intent – Avinash Kaushik


Thinking about how your company can connect with people and execute process and structure will make you masters of marketing. It’s time that marketers begin re-thinking the traditional marketing funnel and follow a framework that is based on user behavior to determine what is most relevant to your target audience.

To learn how to focus on the think and not the ink, read: Digital Marketing That Focuses on User Intent

How to Add More Participation to Your Content Marketing Program – Lee Odden

Lee Odden MPB2B

The race to create more content, at a higher quality on a consistent basis is leaving many marketers out of breath. Trying to scale a content program that meets all of these objectives is no easy undertaking. However, did you know that your employees, customers, industry influencers and online community are prime candidates for helping your brand create content that resonates with your audience.

If you want to find a way to tap into the wisdom of others to co-create great content, read: If You Want B2B Content to be Great, Ask Your Community to Participate!

Tap Into Employees for Content Amplification – David Honig & David B Thomas

dave and dave

One of the most powerful and underutilized methods for content promotion may be the person sitting next to you. Working with employees to leverage brand content can help employees create a better connection with your brand and even grow their own online audience. For the organization, it provides a way to increase brand awareness, strengthen culture and drive leads and sales.

If you’re curious to know some best practices for including customers in your content promotion strategy, read: How to Tap Into the Social Media Power of Employees for Content Amplification

Create Better Landing Pages That Convert – Oli Gardner

oli gardner unbounce mpb2b 2015

Landing pages can be an incredibly powerful tool for moving prospects through the sales process but they are not all created equal. The most important element of any landing page should be the customer experience. If a customer is bombarded with too many choices or distraction, they’ll quickly bounce to another company that can better serve their needs.

Amp up the quality of your landing pages by reading: 13 Considerations for Creating Successful Landing Pages from Oli Gardner of Unbounce

B2B Marketers Need to Up Their Facebook Game – Andrea Vahl


While organic reach hasn’t completely disappeared, it is on the decline. That means that B2B marketers now more than ever need to find a way to better serve the followers that are seeing their information.

To win on Facebook, brands must to find a way to entertain and inspire their audience through a variety of different methods including videos, visuals and paid advertising. Are you ready to learn what you brand can do to improve visibility, track leads and improve Facebook ad targeting?

If so, read: How B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook to Drive Engagement & Generated Leads

How Reinventing Your Brand Can Change Perception – Deon Newman

IBM mainframe

IBM is one of the most iconic brands of our time. This year, IBM was celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of their most popular products, the mainframe. Unfortunately, when many people think of a mainframe, their heads are filled with images of big rooms filled with clunky equipment.

The team at IBM found a unique way to include some of their largest customers in a movement to bring the mainframe back to life and into the 21st century.

To find out how IBM accomplished this goal, read: Case Study: How IBM Changed Perception & Increased Revenue by 20% YOY

Our Favorite Moments

One of the best parts of an event like this, is the number of talented and awesome people that you get to meet along the way. Here are just a few of our favorite moments captured at #MPB2B:

joe pulizzi lee odden Ashley and Jason Michael brenner and lee odden Ann Handley Accordian

See You Next Year!

Our team is already counting down the days to next year’s 10th annual MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. We plan on sending even more team members to learn, network and spread the good news about the smart, creative and results focused work that TopRank Marketing continuously provides for our awesome clients and partners.

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