Successful Online Marketing? Start at the End

online marketing tipsHave you ever noticed how young children figure out a maze? At first they may struggle going through each path only to realize that they can’t get through. By then, the paper may be filled up with messy crayon or pencil marks that make it virtually impossible to find the right way. Then as they get just a little older, you might see them look at the end point. They may even start at the finish line and work backwards to the beginning of the maze. It’s creative problem solving at its finest.

When thinking about marketing to customers, companies often get tied up on discussions that involve details that seem highly relevant to the company but won’t really matter to the customer. There is a natural tendency to analyze and examine but there can be danger in losing sight of the end goal.

When thinking about reaching your customers remember the following three points:

1)      What’s in it for them?

Everything you do should be focused on the benefit for the customer. They aren’t there to support your needs but to find out the benefit to them that you offer.  Avoid acronyms and language that doesn’t mean anything to the end-user but communicate clearly on how you can improve their business. Think about what they are seeking and searching for online. Focus on how you can help them meet their goals, deliver on that promise for them and you will meet your own needs.

2)      Listen, listen, and then listen even more closely

Every company has a wonderful asset that should never be overlooked and that is your current customer base. Odds are you’ve received feedback (good or bad) over the years which can help inform you on what your customers feel about your product or service.  There can be a tendency to rely on feedback from focus groups, trends in the marketplace, and new ideas but don’t forget to get direct, critical feedback from those that already have a relationship with you.

3)      Start with a goal

Back to the maze analogy, think about where you want to go and begin there by developing a message with actionable steps and a measurable outcome. Every time you connect with a customer online, in person, or by phone you have a chance to learn more about what is most important to them. Work backward in creating a path to get to there and you’ll be more successful.

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