TopRank Chosen to Deliver 3-Hour Workshop in Moscow

B2B Social Media Moscow Presentation

Translation: B2B Social Media Success

Social media has taken the online marketing world by storm. Don’t believe us? Every day:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Consumers have transitioned into the world of multiscreen experiences. They’ll start a search on a smartphone, then use their tablet to find more information, and potentially transition to their laptop to make a purchase. Regardless of the path they take or device they use, one thing stays the same: consumers are searching for your company online.

Searchers have begun to rely heavily on social media and search to find local businesses. 97% of consumers use search to find local businesses, while 20-somethings are anywhere from twice to four times as likely to seek information and advice from social media as generations before them.

Social Media Smarts_Moscow Presentation

Translation: Social Media Smarts

TopRank specializes in helping companies create long-term content strategies that include and build-in social amplification and engagement to provide target audiences with the information and engagement they need, when they need it and where they’re looking for it.

Out of all the digital marketing agencies in the world, Social Media Revolution chose TopRank to travel across the world to shed some light on using social media for business at their 3rd annual Social Media Conference. Attendees range from digital marketing and social media marketing directors to PR Directors and Corporate Communications Directors.

The week of November 18th, 2013 TopRank CEO Lee Odden is traveling the 4,910 miles to Moscow to deliver a keynote that offers insight into B2B social media usage. He will also conduct a 3-hour workshop that is designed to teach:

  • Core social media marketing principles
  • Social media planning (including conducting an audit, listening, aligning customer and business goals, community, integration, strategy, tools and benchmarking measurement)
  • Implementation applications, tactics, key platforms, staff roles in the organization and tools
  • Optimization: tools, data collection, analysis, applications for social content, engagement, networking and performance improvement

Along the way he’s bound to meet some interesting people, try some unique foods, see beautiful places, and learn new tactics, tools and methods to help take our agency to another level. Follow Lee Odden on Twitter to hear more about his experience in Moscow this week.


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