TopRank Welcomes New Copywriter Michelle Bowles

michelle bowles

What TopRank does for internet marketing clients is really about content marketing and therefore our content development staff are instrumental in client online marketing programs. Content and media optimization is a growing opportunity for companies to capitalize on the changing nature of search and social media marketing. TopRank continues to build out a talented team in this area by adding another copywriter to the team.

Please welcome Michelle Bowles as a new Copywriter at TopRank Online Marketing!

To get to know Michelle a little more check out the following Top 10 things @TopRank fans need to know about Michelle Bowles:

10. She has a background in basic HTML coding for 4 eNewsletters (Watch out Thomas)

9. She won a Magnum Opus Grand Award for Leadership in Project Management 2008 (Watch out Account Managers)

8. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University (Watch out everyone!)

7. She comes to us by way of a recent Sr. Editing position in Chicago (Hmmm who to cheer for? Bears or Colts? Colts or Bears?)

6. One of her claims of fame is singlehandedly increasing organic search engine traffic to a Betty Crocker website (Guess who’s responsible for hors d’oevres on our next team building bus trip?)

5. She was previously the Lead editor for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Your Home magazine (This was in 2006, when that business was good)

4. She managed a pay-per-click campaign to push more traffic to the POOLLife Webzine (Next team event, deep Minnetonka diving!)

3. She possesses extensive knowledge of Associated Press style (If you can’t find the AP book in our library, please consult with Michelle)

2. She currently calls St. Louis Park “home” (Out in the ‘burbs)

1. She led the “ Chick-fil-A” account at her last agency (I’ll let you ask her about that)

We’re looking forward to Michelle’s copywriting and content marketing work with our fantastic mix of clients. Michelle has already made a tremendous impact with client writing projects, writing for TopRank’s Marketing web site and has some of the highest rated (already!) blog posts on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.

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