Twitter Marketing Tips For The New Year

Over 175 million users are now registered on Twitter, and per data cited by PCMag, 95% of accounts have been created in the last two years.  And where ever 175 million gather, marketers will follow.

The number of registered Twitter users, and sharp growth over the last twenty-four months alone, suggest a channel that is more than just rapidly expanding.  They suggest an environment that is extremely noisy, extremely volatile – and in the case of unprepared marketers – an environment rife with opportunity for misstep.

If you are implementing Twitter marketing as part of your social media marketing initiative in the new year, how can you avoid the risk of Tweets that fall on deaf ears, or worse, are misinterpreted and live on in infamy?

Start by adhering to the three tips below:

1.  Listen: Simply put, broadcasting your message into a social media channel without listening to those that already occupy this space is much like jumping into the deep end of the ocean without even a passing glance at the pattern of the waves. Listen to the type of messaging being Tweeted by those you are trying to reach, not to mention the competition you are trying to outperform.  This is an integral first step in not just Twitter marketing, but any type of social media marketing.  And if you remember nothing else, remember to listen.

2.  Engage: Twitter is not a channel where you have the right to advertise your message. Twitter is a channel where you are granted the right to advertise your message.  The rules for engagement are simple, or rather, as simple as any human interaction.  Before talking to someone (or 175 million someones) spend time listening, contributing to conversations and sharing material you think will be of value to those with whom you are trying to build a relationship.

Important note – ‘sharing material’ should not be misinterpreted as immediately asking someone to read your white paper or attend your webinar.  Equate this to asking someone out on a date immediately after saying ‘hello.’  Can it work? Yes.  But not very often and nearly always with diminishing returns.  Instead, make it a rule to start by only sharing unbiased content, or content that will not lead anyone directly back to your site.  Do this until your relationships are established.  Then, when it is time to market, you will find yourself doing so from a pedestal of trust, rather than suspicion.

3.  Develop Urgency: Millions of Tweets are posted each day, and many of us can see hundreds or thousands – at least at a glance. And while Twitter may not be an advertorial channel, the advertorial best practice of creating urgency can work remarkably well. B2C companies can promote last-minute sales or specials, while B2B companies can offer exclusive and highly sought after content downloads.

And how do these types of companies know what kind of material to offer – and when to offer it? Simply by adhering to tips #1 and #2 above.

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