5 Things You Must Know About Using Events For B2B Marketing

TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden Speaking

B2B marketers face numerous challenges in connecting with customers in meaningful ways — perhaps more today than ever before.

Events have traditionally been a go-to method for B2B companies to build real-world connections, however burdensome obstacles remain when it comes to achieving the best return-on-investment for industry conferences and events.

Luckily, at TopRank Marketing we’re experts at integrating events with B2B content and influencer marketing, and in a recent interview, our CEO Lee Odden recently spoke about how B2B marketers can benefit from using events in creative ways.

Let’s dig in and discover Lee’s five key take-aways when it comes to events for B2B marketers.

1 – Events Are Great For B2B Influencer Collaboration Success

Events are an ideal format for influencer content collaboration, a great reason to bring voices of credibility and authority together, to have real-world experiences, and to activate around content that a brand is putting out in the context of a larger event.

In the B2B marketing world of 2020, search engine optimization (SEO) is not enough, and events offer a fantastic opportunity to optimize for trust using influence.

2 – Events Provide Real-World Interactions & Great Experiences

There is no substitute for the real-world interactions that events provide, and they are also ideal for creating great experiences for your customers and prospects.

Events allow you to do content campaigns where the actual activation of prospective customers is at the real-world event. Events are a gold mine of content before, during, and after.

3 – Events Allow Deepening Ongoing Collaborations

By inviting speakers to contribute their expertise according to a particular theme, you can create infographics and social messages — the standard sort of stuff before the event — which at the event will open doors to new conversations with the people that are involved. Holding V.I.P. dinners, round-table meetings, or meet-the-experts gatherings all represent real-world activations warmed up by the content collaboration that happened before the event.

Additionally, interviews, co-marketing events, and co-marketing initiatives can all be worthwhile to set up for events.

4 -Events Let You Connect in Real-Time and Plan Ahead of Time

Live-blogging and real-time event coverage allows you to sit in on sessions and write articles based on what you’re seeing live, including photos you take. You can even engage with the speakers beforehand so they know you’re coming, which oftentimes allows you to get extra information from speakers.

You can also write event preview posts covering the sessions you’re looking forward to at the event, and then cross-link and let people know that they can look forward to following your coverage using the conference hashtag. You can also suggest they follow your Twitter handles, and then also put out reminders about other sessions you’ll be covering during the conference.

You can then take all that content and put it into an eBook after the conference, and of course add your own thought leadership, which becomes a great demand-gen content asset.

5- Events Provide Opportunities to Support Speakers

Events are great for identifying lists of influencers who will be speaking, which can then be turned into a list of the top B2B marketing influencers, or the top content marketing influencers speaking at the conference. You can reach out to all of them and let them know that they made it on the list, which helps build interest and social sharing activity.

These lists and the conversations involved when compiling them also provide a great opportunity to support speakers, and to connect with influencers for additional projects and collaborations in the future.

Take Your B2B Marketing Events Game To The Next Level

We hope you’ve learned plenty of new ways to take your event-related content marketing to the next level, and encourage you to listen to Lee and Kristen’s complete interview, which digs in to a number of other B2B marketing areas. You can listen here to the full Masters of Events webinar from Certain, in episode 6: Why Influencers & Events Are Made for Each Other.

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