Video: 3 Tips on Making Content Pop with Social Media

content social mediaThe greatest content isn’t so great until people read and share it. That’s why social communities and networks are so critical for an effective content marketing program.

According to Eric Schmidt of Google, every two days we create more data and information than since the dawn of time to 2003.

Where is that data coming from? Think about this: Every 60 secondsĀ over 1,500 blog posts are published, 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, 100,000 Tweets are posted and over 700,000 status updates are made on Facebook. Google+ is gaining steam and Pinterest has had explosive adoption and growth.

Besides creating content that’s relevant to your target audience to guide them along your sales pipeline, it’s also important to consider how to spread that content. How can you help your content “pop” and stand out amongst the millions of new documents published, shared and included in search results every day?

Here’s a video I shot while in Hong Kong that offers 3 quick tips on how to do just that:

How are you helping your content “pop” with social media?

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