WashingtonPost.com: TopRank on Outsourcing SEO

TopRank’s story on agencies that outsource their SEO was recently published on WashtingtonPost.com, “Is Your Internet Marketing Agency Delivering Secondhand SEO?”. It’s important for companies to ask the right questions when selecting an internet marketing agency, otherwise there may be surprises when the engagemet “rubber hits the road”. TopRank handles all SEO consulting and execution work with internal employees.

“Many small businesses don’t think twice to ask internet marketing agencies who will actually be performing the implementation work. It’s assumed the SEM strategy, keyword research, copy writing, information architecture analysis, code and server audits, link building and reports will he handled by the same people (or their co-workers at the office) that are selling said services.”

“In the world of advertising and public relations, it’s common to outsource portions of a program where a lead agency is designated to manage any third party specialists. Clients either insist on working with multiple agencies or they designate a strategic agency to direct the work of specialist groups.”

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TopRank provides Fortune 1000 companies with comprehensive internet marketing consulting, impelmentation and training services.

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