What Can We Do to Start Using Social Media as Part of Our Marketing Mix?

Social media provides a great opportunity to engage your target audience and increase brand awareness online. Social media encompasses blogging and blog marketing, social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, microblogging via sites like Twitter, social news and bookmarking, video sharing, image and audio sharing, and wikis.

To develop a social media strategy that works for your business, the first step is to outline your goals. What do you want social media to do for you? Drive traffic to your website, engage your target audience in conversation, build relationships with your prospects, or build awareness for your brand online.

The next step in developing your social media strategy is to know your target audience. Who are they, what are they talking about, where are they making connections online. Once you understand who your target audience is, identify how you want to position yourself with your audience.

Finally, after you have outlined your plan, start listening to the conversation via the social media channels your audience is already participating in and gauge the tone of the conversation as well as the rules of the community.

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