What is Twitter?

The buzz in the online marketing industry continues to gain momentum around social media marketing and content sharing networks. Today, many businesses have taken the plunge head first into the social media landscape by creating a Facebook account or YouTube channel to further expand their online reach. Micro-blogging through services such as Twitter, offers yet another way for you to increase visibility online.

So, what is Twitter?

As a social media platform, Twitter has networking and messaging features that facilitate many to many communications as well as one to one. Companies like Dell, Zappos, Comcast, Apple and Home Depot are using Twitter to listen and communicate directly with customers.

As with any social media platform, the idea is to build your friend network by following other Twitter users and increasing the number of users that follow you.

How do you grow your Twitter network?

The best way to grow your network of Twitter friends is to share links to timely resources or interesting things you find on the web, in addition to tidbits of personal and business information.

A recent post from the Online Marketing Blog offers additional tools and resources on using Twitter as a networking, PR, and communications tool.

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