Ask an Expert: What’s the Difference between Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat for Marketers?

taking-picturesEvery 60 seconds 3,600 images are uploaded to Instagram, 104,000 images are shared on Snapchat and 11,000 users are active on Pinterest.

The popularity of visual content will continue to explode in 2014 as consumers hunger for a richer web experience. Marketers have no other option than to consider which of the popular image-based platforms will meet the expectations of customers while contributing to marketing objectives.

For those seeking visual marketing advice, here are some facts and tips about these three popular image-focused sites and apps taking the social and mobile web by storm:

Pinterest – Storytelling is a great way to cultivate an engaged audience and telling stories visually equates to even more engagement. There are a number of goals you can pursue on Pinterest, from driving web and foot traffic to increasing visibility with influencers and consumers. Every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site – in this case, a link to your site. So every re-pin of the image can lead readers straight back to your site. Pinterest also allows video uploads and ecommerce with the now-trending tool. Pinterest is a proven sales driver.

Pinterest Marketing Tip: Test Promoted Pins to drive traffic to your website.

Instagram – In 2013, this mobile image app was the fastest growing social network with 150 million users and millions of photos being uploaded each day. Instagram represents a perfect opportunity for brands to get quick messages, photos and even 15 second videos to their target audience. Customers want a personal experience with a brand that is engaging, informative and accessible. Instagram pictures can give your audience a creative view into your company while providing unique ways to communicate about products and services customers care about.

Instagram Marketing Tip: Drive sales with contests and promo codes.

Snapchat – Snapchat is a mobile app which lets people send photos and videos that self-delete between 1-10 seconds after being viewed. 18% of all iPhone users use the app, equaling 5 million daily users and growing. Most Snapchat early adopters are teenagers and companies of all sizes are reaching out to this coveted demographic with fleeting promotions, contests in real time and quick peeks at leaked product images. Snapchat allows marketers to create a sense of urgency amongst a highly engaged audience.

Snapchat Marketing Tip: Reach consumers for flash sales via coupons that disappear within a 10-second window.

Visual content is no longer something that makes your marketing stand out. It’s expected. To deliver on those expectations when and where customers are looking, brands are building a more visual experience for their customers on the social and mobile web. By creating personalized images with a focus on creative, unique and informative experiences, marketers can attract, engage and even convert, visually.

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