Why Should I Set Up Analytics Goals & Funnels?

For many businesses, search engine rankings and traffic are simply KPIs supporting larger online marketing goals – inquiries and sales. While these businesses may have tracking systems in regards to online sales, and may be tracking web stats via analytics, it can be difficult to bridge the gap between the two.

Analytics goals and funnels help to bridge this gap, showing how visitors convert into a sale based on factors including:

  • Keyword
  • Referring source
  • Landing page

So why is it important to track this data?

Quite simply, the data gleaned via analytics goals and funnels helps guide proactive and data-driven changes to website content and promotional activities.

For instance, if the keyword ‘headphones’ is driving 100 visits per month but only converting 10% of visitors to a sale, while ‘stereophones’ is driving 50 but converting 30%, it may make sense to add more content designed to pull the ‘stereophone’ crowd.

Another instance could relate to promotional activity.Ā  If traffic from an optimized press release converts at a rate of 25%, while guest blog posts convert 20%, optimized press releases may be a stronger promotional opportunity to focus on in the future.

Rather than spending hours analyzing data or surveying new customers, analytics goals and funnels provide the same level of information in mere minutes.

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