McKesson Business Performance Services enlisted our help to revamp their existing PPC program. Their goal was to increase leads and targeted traffic by increasing access to enterprise health care decision makers at the right stages of the buying cycle, driving them to download their chronic care management whitepaper, eGuide or infographic. The results? Better than we could have imagined.

bps ppc 1


  • Increase access to enterprise health care decision makers in the chronic care management sphere in the attract and engage stages of their buying cycle
  • Drive targeted traffic to campaign landing pages in order to increase downloads of their gated assets


  • Revamp the existing PPC and display program with relevant keywords like chronic care management and CCM services
  • Executed competitive research to identify new opportunities in a mature market
  • Deploy A/B testing including landing page design, ad copy and placement
  • Leverage remarketing as a way to maintain visibility for non-converted users


In 4 months:

  • 70% reduction in average Cost-per-Lead (CPL)
  • 84% increase in average Click-through-Rate (CTR)
  • 55% qualified leads
  • 4,709 engagements

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