An international sustainability consulting firm enlisted TopRank Marketing to optimize their website’s performance, to drive organic traffic and ultimately company inquiries. When we began, the company was unable to accurately measure website traffic, making it difficult to benchmark current performance.


  • Increase organic traffic
  • Drive targeted site traffic deeper into content funnel towards conversion

Strategy and Tactics:

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. So the first item we stepped into tackle was the client’s Google Analytics tracking. We performed a complete audit of the US and four international websites hosted on subdomains to assess where implementation was failing. We then worked closely with their international technical team to correctly place tracking code, and create country-specific filters that allowed the organization to track website traffic to individual international sites.

With tracking in place, we delivered high-impact optimization recommendations aimed at driving organic traffic for the client’s highest priority keywords such as:

  • On-page content restructuring to meet search intent
  • Meta title and description for increased click-through-rates
  • Social schema recommendations for optimized social sharing


Over the course of 4 weeks, the client observed:
Accurate benchmarking of website traffic, conversions and user-flow
46% increase in organic traffic to their key service offering page
Increase in ranking for 8 keywords previously not ranking for

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