How Do I get B2B Influencers to Amplify my Existing Content

0:11 A question we get from B2B digital marketers interested in establishing B2B influencer marketing programs is ‘How do I get influencers to amplify my existing content? 

0:39 My expectation is that influencers would love to just amplify my content, and send links to their communities on their social channels about my content’.

1:04 Influencers are taking their points of view and sharing that with their communities. They’re not necessarily amplifying other brands’ content and letting it be.

2:11 Most of the B2B influencers that we work with here at TopRank Marketing, they’re deep thinkers. They don’t want to be told what to think, or told what to say.

And so B2B Marketers need to:

  • Become aware of what an influencer says and does
  • Learn how influencers communicate
  • Know where they’re going to speak
  • Understand what their topics are
  • Discover who they’re referencing in terms of source material

Now you can set forth a shared point of view into your marketplace.


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